Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Armando Rivera ff068e0933 Tweaked string buffer allocations 1 year ago
  admin 16aba9a25a Moved strip option to Makefile 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera 592d6f3f90 Fixed issue with Scan, Swap, and Like commands 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera f74eece770 Added support for AppExePath under macOS 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera afe964c6b5 Updated internal routines to use/emit 65K strings by default 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera 2822cf0c88 Updated TIME_OPTIONS enum to support TIME$() Flags 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera 6185d98803 Added TIME_OPTIONS enum to support TIME$() Flags 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera f7b2b97466 Modified the TIME$ function to use the ISO week date standard (ISO-8601) for option (11), WEEKNUMBER of year. 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera ce8cbe8d7e Added $LDFLAGS directive to pass parameters directly to linker 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera 6bf3b1adbe Added -fobjc-arc (automatic reference counting) flag when using $OSX directive 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera 43ef39f65b Changed BCXREGEX keyword to REGMATCH 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera c9d5276813 Added Directive 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera e4107ee4a8 Updated Copyright Notice, and version (Beta3) 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera b049767b95 Changed default output file extension to '.cc' to eliminate compiler warning 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera e6a615a9ce Changed parser to correctly ignore methods using CPP method syntax (::) when not in CPP mode 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera df80bd8fd3 Fixed spurious AUTO type being emitted in translator code, which cause compilation to fail under Linux 1 year ago
  Armando Rivera 38d6dd2279 Updated output of PRINT command, eliminating leading space from numbers 4 years ago
  Armando Rivera e9e1e85342 Changed Default String Size to 65K 4 years ago
  Armando Rivera 6cbd2d82e8 Enabled stripping of executable in OSX 5 years ago
  Armando Rivera 98c62f6a36 Updated to MBC4 5 years ago